John AUSTIN,  (aka: Asten/Aston/Astin), of Hanover County, Virginia, died after 1830 Sumner Co., TN.


John BARNETT, of (Old 96 District) Pendleton District, South Carolina, probably died bet. 1820-1830 in Pendleton Co., SC just before the family migrated to Georgia, then Alabama.


Caleb CARMAN, of orth Carolina, died in Smith Co., TN abt. 1831.


James DICKENS, [*Unproven Ancestor], of Caswell County, North Carolina, wounded in battle, died abt. 1807 in Wilson Co., TN.


Isaac EOFF, of Chester County, South Carolina, died 1841 in Coffee Co., TN.


William GILLIHAN, Served for three states: Virginia, then Georgia, then South Carolina, died abt. 1830 in Smith Co., TN; William Gillihan also signed the petition to State of NC to establish the "State of Franklin" 1787.


Benjamin (aka: Bry/Berry) GREGORY, of Chatham County, North Carolina, died 1846 in Smith Co., TN.


William HODGE, born 1762 in York Co., PA, served for South Carolina. He died 1836 in Madison Co., GA.


William SHOULDERS, [**Unproven Ancestor], of Bertie/Chatham County, North Carolina, place and date of death unknown - possibly Smith or Sumner Co., TN.


Daniel MEADERS (aka: Meadows), of Granville County, North Carolina, died bet. 1835 - 1840 in Bedford Co., TN.


Patrick MORRISON, of Rowan Co., NC, born about 1739, served 4 years as a Captain in the 1st Rowan Regiment. He died in Wilson Co., TN on July 16, 1833.


Isaac STEELE, of (Old 96 District) Pendleton District, South Carolina, died 1803 in Pendleton District, SC


John OGLE, of Rowan County, North Carolina, died bet. 1806-1808 in Adair Co., KY.


David WADE, of (Old 96 District) Pendleton District, South Carolina, died 1818 in Pickens Co., SC.


Phillip WATSON, per "Tennessee Cousins;" by Worth S. Ray, 1950 - died in Smith Co., TN before May 1816.


*James Dickens is surely the brother of my 5th GGF Henry Dickens Sr., and it is my belief the "Rebeccah Dickens" who married my 4th GGF Jeremiah Dickens in Caswell Co., NC in 1802 (Jeremiah was the son of Henry Dickens Sr.) was the daughter of this James Dickens.


NOTE: I have been asked on several occasion if Henry Dickens Sr. served in the Revolutionary War.  To date, I have NOT FOUND any indication that he served, supported, or provided any provisions to the cause - thus, although Henry was of the right age, I do NOT believe Henry Dickens Sr. served. Furthermore, I am certain that none of Henry's sons served either, as none were old enough.


**The connection to William Shoulders may or may not be accurate. I cannot document or prove beyond anecdotal happenstance that this particular William Shoulders from Bertie/Chatham was indeed the father of my 5th GGF Malachi Shoulders of Smith Co., TN.







State of Franklin Territorial 1792 Militia (Tennessee)


Bartlett GENTRY, born about 1755-61, was living in Washington County (in the area now Greene and Jefferson Co., TN) prior to 1778, and served as Lieutenant in the State of Franklin militia, died between 1840-1850 Jackson Co., AL.


Augusta Co., Virginia 1794 Militia (Pendleton Co., WV)

Daniel HARPOLE, born about 1773, served in the militia of Augusta Co., VA under Capt. William Patton in 1794, died 1868 Manchester, Coffee Co., TN.



   Claiborne Co., Tennessee 1808 Militia


Hugh BRAGG [*Disproven Ancestor], of Grainger, Hawkins, Franklin, Warren, and Coffee County Tennessee, was born between 1770-1774 in Virginia (probably Halifax Co.), died between 1840-1850 in Coffee Co., TN. 


*My linkage to Hugh Bragg as my 5th GGrandfather was originally based on data posted by other researchers who identified my 3rd GGrandfather "James C. Mossison" as being the son of Hugh's daughter - Mary Miller Bragg (and she being the wife of Samuel Douglas Morrison). Since my original posting, I have discovered enough factual information contradicting the linkage to Hugh Bragg and proving it incorrect. It has become overwhelmingly apparent that my 3rd GGrandfather "James C. Morrison" was actually the son of John F. Morrison and & wife Mary Morrison (who was his cousin). John's parents were "Patrick Morrison" and "Anne Foster".  Mary's parents were "Andrew Morrison" (brother to Patrick) and "Elizabeth Sloan". The data above regarding Hugh Bragg will be left here on this site so that other researchers who are descendants of "James C. Morrison" may be able to find it and correct their information if they too have Hugh Bragg as their ancestor....



Franklin Co., Tennessee 1810 Militia


George BRADSHAW, who migrated from Oglethorpe County, Georgia to Franklin County Tennessee, was born before 1774 possibly in Virginia, died before 1820 probably in Franklin Co., TN.





William BRADSHAW, of Coffee County, Tennessee, died April 7, 1875 in Coffee Co., TN.

Thomas BRAGG, of Sullivan County, Tennessee, died after 1849 in Sullivan Co., TN.

John BRAWNER, of Smith County, Tennessee, died November 07, 1864 in Weakley County, Tennessee.

Jesse DICKENS, of Smith County, Tennessee, son of my 5th GGF Henry Dickens, died bet. 1830-1840 in Smith Co., TN.

Wilson GRANT, of Smith County, Tennessee, died about 1830 in Smith Co., TN.

Andrew LOY, of Frederick County, Virginia, died unknown (after 1830) possibly in VA.

James MALONE, of Smith County, Tennessee, died after 1850, probably in Dekalb Co., TN.

Jacob MCDERMET (aka: McDearmon/McDerment), of Wilson County, Tennessee, died abt. 1830 in either Wilson or Gibson Co., TN.

Archibald MCINTIRE, of Smith County, Tennessee, died after 1860 in Dekalb Co., TN.

Samuel MORRISON  [*Disproven Ancestor], of Warren County, Tennessee, died 1848 in Coffee or Warren Co., TN.

*My linkage to Samuel Morrison is now proven wrong (See the information for Hugh Bragg above under Claiborne Co., Tennessee 1808 Militia).  Samuel was married to Hugh's daughter. 

Samuel STAFFORD, of Smith County, Tennessee, died March 28, 1815 during the war.

Samuel WATSON, of Smith County, Tennessee, died between 1850 & 1860.




William James BRAGG, of Shelby Co., Alabama, served as a Union soldier in Virginia under the alias: John Wilson, died 1912 Madison Co., AL.

Bryant Dickens, of Smith County, Tennessee, served as a "Confederate and a Union Soldier", died 1890 in Smith Co., TN.

Joseph W. Dickens, (son of Jesse) of Smith and Wilson County, Tennessee, Confederate, died 1898 in Wilson Co., TN.

Louis Bransford Dickens, (son of Bryant) of Smith County, Tennessee, Union, died 1915 in Smith Co., TN.

Joseph Wilson Grant, of Smith County, Tennessee, Confederate, died 1883 in Smith Co., TN.

James C. Morrison, of Coffee County, Tennessee, Union, died about 1880 in Coffee Co., TN.

William Raymer, of Davidson County, Tennessee, Confederate, died unknown.

Samuel E. Stafford, of Smith County, Tennessee, Union, died bet. 1890-1900 in Smith Co., TN.


Sgt. Uriah GILLIHAN, son of my 4th GGF "William Gillihan", and brother of my 3rd GGF "Andrew V. Gillihan", Confederate, was brutally tortured and murdered in 1865 by the Home Guard Union Soldiers in Smith Co., TN. See the story here: CONFEDERATE GRAVE (thanks to: TNGENWEB; and here: YOUNG REBELS KILLED ON WAY HOME AFTER WAR (Thanks to: Audrey and Mike Lambert).

Iverson H. OGLE, my 3rd GGF, of Coffee County, Tennessee along with Elisha Powell, who was the son of Iverson's neighbor William Powell were both murdered on the same day by bushwhackers between 18 - 26 October 1863*; just the week before, on October 14, 1863 - Elisha Powell's father William Powell was also murdered, and the Powell house was burnt to the ground by the same bushwhackers.

*The exact date for the death of Iverson and Elisha is not known because of conflicting dates for the incident in reference material.




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